About CESA




            CESA BUT is a department for the whole University of Technology in Brno which arranges Physical education and sport for students, employees, foreign students studying in English language and as well students of short-term stay at all the faculties of Brno University of Technology. At the same time CESA BUT is responsible for training of subjects of the discipline Management in Physical culture which is taught at Business faculty.        

CESA aims at a high-quality physical education process and equal approach of all the students to Physical education and sports activities. Philosophy of healthy life style and active life of students serves as a basis for work of CESA including presentation and propagation of physical activities supporting health.

            Physical education is a facultative subject and it can be attended by regular students of bachelor or master´s studies. Students of doctoral studies and foreign students can take part in these lessons as well. Semestral lessons of Physical education (facultative PE) are held for all the students of all the faculties and all the grades together. In instructional programs of each sport the groups of students are made according to their performance from beginners to top sportsmen and BUT representation. Healthy physical activities play a very important role in instructional programs of Physical education ( Physio program, Fitness not only for women, Fitness body-building, Fitness workout, Massage, Regeneration etc.)

            Registration for the facultative subject Physical education is always electronic in the first week of winter and summer semester. Students are allowed to register for 2 lessons (2 registrations) in each semester free of charge. More lessons than is the framework of study programme is not free of charge. Some sports of basic offer organized by other subjects are not free of charge too. Charge of these sports is published in the Sports offer.

Students who want to attend sports and physical activities in Czech language can find information about the offer of each individual sports specialization and courses including annotations on www.cesa.vutbr.cz.

Foreign students of short-term stay can either use the sports offer in English language or join sports activities together with Czech students. Registration for the first possibility on http://www.cesa.vutbr.cz/studium/erasmus-sport . Registration for the Czech groups is possible to make by using ICS club or CESA worker who is responsible for registration of foreign students (doc. Pavel Korvas, office at Sport center Machina, korvas@cesa.vutbr.cz, tel.). Registration must always be completed in the first week of the semester.

            Over the framework of the facultative subject Physical education CESA BUT organizes for students The Program of leisure time recreational and sports activities (VČA) during the exam period and including holidays (January – February, May – June, July – September). This program is for charge, information on http://www.cesa.vutbr.cz/studium/erasmus-sport always before the beginning of the semester or before exam period or holiday.

Sports competitions and actions not only for BUT students but as well with other universities are the part of VČA. The Program VČA is subjected to the payment of a fee.


Sport and outdoor courses

The sport or outdoorcoursescontinue the semestral sport activities and are divided into winter and summer ones. They offer instructional program for absolute beginners and advanced students of individual sports specialization, combined sports programs with the aim of relaxation and vast enjoyment of sport. Moreover there are outdoor courses organized as cycle touring, hiking or water touring.

The propositions of courses including instructions for electronic registration during the first week of winter and summer semester and payment are published on: http://www.cesa.vutbr.cz/studium/erasmus-sport 

Courses take place usually during winter and summer exam period and they are not offered in English language.

            If more Erasmus students or students studying in English language have especial interest in the sport or outdoor course, it is possible to offer it in English language as well as for the group of students who wants to take part in this course.


Sports representation of BUT

CESA organizes choice and preparation of BUT sports representation for regional championship of Universities, Academic championship of the Czech Republic and Czech Academic Games. CESA arranges or has a share with organisation of some of these academic competitions. 


Sport events

            Organisation and offer of sports tournaments and competitions is the other part of CESA activities and offers physical activities as once-and-for-all events or University competitions. Detailed information is available on www.cesa.vutbr.czincluding how to get in touch with guarantors and organizers of these events.

These events usually take place during the semester and their parts are University leagues of floorball, indoor football and volleyball, Christmas Games and Day of Sports.

In the Czech Republic Academic competitions among universities are held regularly. The highest-level competitions are Academic championships of the Czech Republic and foreign students can take part in them as well. CESA BUT provides excellent conditions for preparation of strong University teams and individuals and nominates the best sportsmen to represent BUT in more than 45 sports every year.

Medallists of the highest-level competitions get special scholarship for sports representation.



In addition to the mentioned activities CESA offers professional physical education services and consultancy.  Fitness and relaxation centre CESA offers e.g. nutritional consultancy, physiotherapy advice centre, consultancy of fitness training etc. Moreover physical education services, organization of sports events for institutions are offered. CESA also organizes suburban sports camps for children and young personsand arranges conduct, operation and renovation of physical education facilities of BUT.

            Over the framework of the facultative subject Physical education CESA BUT organizes for students The Program of leisure time recreational and sports activities and provides conditions for taking place of sports actions.

Sport facilities can be rent to students (or group of students)apart from lessons, training sessions of Physical education during the school year. It means at the weekends and during holidays. Information on www.cesa.vutbr.cz.

Lifelong learning (CŽV) – trainings and seminars

CESA organizes educational courses (Skiing insructor, Fitness instructor, Fitness body building instructor, Cardio fitness instructor) accredited by MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of teh Czech Republic). Successful students get a licence.The basic level of trainings for each forms of aerobics, stretching, the school of back, rowing in trainers, indoor cycling, Nordic walking, skiing, swimming etc. are provided.

 Lifelong learning is offered to seniors in the area of  Physical culture  - “Motional studio for seniors” (U3V ) and Senior academy.

Educational actions for institutions and firms are realized, as well programs of firm wellness etc.